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Dr. Erin E. Hassler

The Gold Medal Authority

in Sports & Performance

Unlock your full potential with Dr. Erin E. Hassler, a trailblazer in the field of athletic training. With an unparalleled depth of knowledge and a wealth of real-world experience, she is the ultimate guide to achieving peak performance.

Dr. Erin E. Hassler | DAT, MBA, MS, ATC, LAT, PES

Forging the New Frontier of Peak Performance Coaching

Pioneering as one of the world's first 50 to earn a Doctorate in Athletic Training from A.T. Still University, Dr. Hassler's multi-disciplinary mastery spans a B.S. in Biology, M.S. in Sports Health Science, and M.B.A. Her illustrious career at the WNBA, Texas Southern University, the US Olympic Committee, and international teams solidifies her preeminent expertise. A coveted speaker, clinician, and successful entrepreneur, Dr. Hassler's real-world achievements elevate athletes to excellence.

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Gold Medal Testimonials

Countless elite athletes and professionals have trusted Dr. Erin E. Hassler's expertise. Her proven methods and personalized approach have helped unlock peak performance across a multitude of sports and levels of competition. See what her clients and peers say about this true pioneer in athletic training.

So so proud of my colleague and sister friend, Dr. Erin Hassler for setting a wonderful example of Hard work, Leadership and Dedication in our Sports Medicine Community. The determination she carries, exemplifies true passion in assisting our athletes and mentees on and off the field with enhancing their minds and body for many, many generations to come.


Courtney Watson

Head Athletic Trainer, Portland Trail Blazers

Erin has always been a trainer of the highest integrity and reliability when it comes to providing care for athletes. She is an over comer that is able to problem solve to make things better but also has the vision and wisdom to prevent problems before they happen. She has always been a valued member of the team!


Joseph Chorley

Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Baylor College of Medicine

From the day I met Erin I knew she was a motivated, deeply dedicated elite in this procession whose passion doesn't end with her personal career but extends to her network and mentees. It's rare to see that amount of love for this profession and reinvigorating to share her space.


Tiffany Morton

Assistant Athletic Trainer, Kansas City Chiefs