Gold Medal


"A champion-leader with a servant's heart, Dr. Erin leverages her vast experiences to share inspiring leadership lessons that are applicable in multiple arenas... Undaunted by obstacles, she leads with love, embodies perseverance and a "make it happen" spirit."

Termerion McCrary-Lakes

Education and Leadership Consultant

“Erin is more than an Athletic Trainer to some of America's top track and field athletes, world champions and Olympians. She is a friend, encourager and motivator. Erin is compassionate and sensitive to the athletes needs and pays great attention to detail in their treatments. This speaks volumes about who she is as a person.”

Michelle Burrell

Olympic Gold Medalist & Mom

“Leaders are not above any task. Erin walked into my home, kicked her shoes off and went right to talking and playing with my kids. She showed them genuine interest in them as people. She connected with each person over dinner, stories and games. The same heart for people is how she conducts herself in our profession of Athletic Training.”

Jeremy Jackson

Athletic Trainer, Host of Sports Medicine Broadcast

“Erin has always been a trainer of the highest integrity and reliability when it comes to providing care for athletes. She is an over comer that is able to problem solve to make things better but also has the vision and wisdom to prevent problems before they happen. She has always been a valued member of the team!!”

Dr. Joseph Chorley

Associate Professor of Pediatrics

“So so proud of my colleague and sister friend, Dr. Erin Hassler for setting a wonderful example of Hard work, Leadership and Dedication in our Sports Medicine Community. The determination she carries, exemplifies true passion in assisting our athletes and mentees on and off the field with enhancing their minds and body for many, many generations to come.”

Dr. Courtney Watson

Head AT & Dir. of Sports Medicine of the L.A. Sparks

“I have witnessed her ups and downs, wins and losses, success and failures. Throughout the process, more than anything I've seen her stay true to herself, stay persistent and true to her goals. All which has aided her to reach the pinnacle she has reached and will continue to break through.

Jay Christophe

Former Quarterback

“From the day I met Erin I knew she was a motivated, deeply dedicated elite in this procession whose passion doesn't end with her personal career but extends to her network and mentees. It's rare to see that amount of love for this profession and reinvigorating to share her space.”

Tiffany Morton

Kansas City Chiefs

“Even those who do not have a child who carries our name... we mother that many athletes and mentees many times over every month! We believe in so many who do not believe in themselves. What a blessing to be in a position to invest in our future! I am grateful to know and love you women doing such important work. You inspire me, teach me, and encourage me to continue to give my all to this critical work. Thank you.”

Marsha Grant-Ford

Athletic Trainer

“It's humbling to belong to the (athletic training) profession that is filled with so many passionate healthcare providers whose hallmark is to unselfishly give of themselves while being on the cusp of innovative injury prevention and patient care.”

Dr. Linda Bobo

Stephen F. Austin University

"Dr. Erin Hassler is hands down the best trainer I have ever had. She always goes out her way for her athletes and she is extremely selfless. Her professionalism is undeniable and on top of that she is an extremely warm woman. Her kindness and empathy is something to be admired and her representation is essential. Thank you Doc Erin for not only caring about me as an athlete but as a person."

Gwendolyn Berry


"Dr. Hassler is a true professional S leader within the athletic training profession. She is at the forefront of the profession & someone that all athletic trainers should lean upon & follow for leadership advice!"

Darryl Conway


"Erin is a consummate professional who knows how to elicit the best from clients and colleagues alike. She has a servant's heart and bountiful spirit which has a lasting and positive impression."

Dr. Dana Sendziol

Former Professor/Mentor

"I have known Doc E for 15 plus years and not only is she one of the best in the sports medicine profession, but she is an even better person. She is very knowledgeable and is always up to date on the latest medical advances in her field as is on of, if not the hardest working person I know. As a basketball coach I always see her working various high school basketball tournaments and even as a parent I would see her at various summer track and field events. This just goes to show how much people value her expertise in the sports medicine field."

Coach Keith Berard


"Dr. Erin; the epitome of professionalism and knowledge. The perfect trainer."

Carmen Davis

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