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The Sportz Factory has a combined experience of over 20 years in Sports Health Science and the Sports Performance industry. Leading the way is Dr. Erin Hassler, with over 2 decades of hands-on experience at multiple levels of Sports Medicine and Sports Performance Enhancement. Credentials include but are not limited to: Advisory Board of Athletic Trainers, Board of Certifications and National Academy of Sports Medicine Performance Enhancement Specialist.

Since beginning her career as Head Athletic Trainer for Channelview Independent School District in 2000, she has enjoyed industry success as either a staff or contract Athletic Trainer for several organizations in Houston and surrounding areas. Dr. Hassler has practiced sports medicine in both public and private school systems, the WNBA - Houston Comets and the US Olympic Committee. Now as volunteer medical provider with USA Track and Field, she has served on international teams, including travel to Canada, South America and Europe. She represented the USA team in the 2019 IAAF World Outdoor Championships.

Our professionals have provided management services and medical coverage for a variety of sporting events and organizations including AAU Junior Olympics, US Open, NCAA| Championship Festivals, JBA Basketball and a wide variety of youth sports competitions.

Hassler's enthusiasm for the sports industry has allowed her to frequently lecture. Topics often include injury prevention rehabilitation, sports performance, and sports business to local and national organizations. Influenced by the impact that sports have had in her life, Hassler strives to make a difference, one athlete at a time.

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Unmatched Expertise in Sports Performance

Boasting a combined two decades of invaluable experience in Sports Health Science and Sports Performance.

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A Legacy of Elite Achievement

Credentials spanning advisory roles, certifications, and Olympic-level medical support across teams worldwide

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Comprehensive Event and Organizational Support

Providing comprehensive elite management and medical services across major sporting events and organizations.



Years Combined Experience

Unlock Your Athletic Potential

Train for Peak Performance

We empower athletes to reach new heights of success. Training programs, rooted in cutting-edge sports science and decades of real-world experience, are designed to optimize performance, prevent injuries, and cultivate a winning mindset.

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Personalized Training

For Unmatched Results

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Injury Prevention

To Maximize Longevity

  • Unlock your full athletic potential.
  • Gain a competitive edge.
  • Elevate your mental fortitude.
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