The Sistahood

The Sistahood

The Mentorship Movement

The Sistahood is a network of women of color in the sports industry. The Sistahood started in the athletic training industry, it has since expanded to include coaches, athletes, agents, administrators, educators, entrepreneurs, advocates and students. The collective gives us an opportunity to meet and share our experiences in order to develop a stronger sense of confidence in a rapidly growing industry.

For over 17 years, a breakfast has been held during the same week in the host city as the annual National Athletic Trainers' Association Convention. Starting with only a handful of women, we have expanded our Sistahood to reach hundreds, with even more to come. In the last four years, invitations to local (host city) high school students have been extended allowing us to share our experiences in the sports industry with even more young women.

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Empowering Women of Color in Sports

The Sistahood is a pioneering network championing women of color across the sports industry.

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A Sisterhood of Shared Experiences

We provide a supportive collective for athletic trainers, coaches, athletes, and industry professionals to connect.

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Cultivating Confidence and Growth

Through our gatherings, we foster confidence and personal development in this rapidly evolving field.



Years Of The Sistahood

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Uplifting Our Voices

The Sistahood is a powerful community that amplifies the voices and experiences of women of color in the sports world. By creating a safe space for connection, mentorship, and empowerment, we're breaking barriers and inspiring the next generation of leaders.

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Mentorship Opportunity

For Career Advancement

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Outreach Initiatives

Inspiring Future Trailblazers

  • Connect with like-minded professionals.
  • Gain valuable industry insights.
  • Uplift and empower each other.
2024 Annual Mentorship Mixer

"Culture & Collab"
June 25th, 2024 | 6:30 pm
Xavier University of Louisiana
New Orleans, LA

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